How big is too big - and is my pet in pain?

 Many of the pets we see in our practice could be classed as overweight.

This does have an adverse affect on their quality of life and can increase the risk or worsen other diseases.

 The most common cause is eating too much food, lack of exercise contributes as well.overweight dog

 An easy way to check if your pet's weight is ok is to make sure you can easily feel the ribs and that they have a waistline.


 You can also bring them in at any time during our opening hours and weigh them on our scales.

 You can ask any member of our team for advice and help if you struggle to maintain your pet at a healthy weight.

 We offer free weight clinics with our qualified nurses to help you on the way and they can tailor a weight loss program to your individual lifestyle and preferences. Just ask at reception or phone to make an appointment.

 Our aim is for your pets to live a long, active and happy life and making sure they do not get too heavy is a big part of this!

This becomes especially important as our pets get older. Osteoarthritis is common in both cats and dogs and medical treatment can help to reduce the associated pain and inflammation.

But this needs to be combined with weight loss and the right type or quantity of exercise to get the best results. Adding in high quality joint supplements can further improve the quality of life of these patients.

 overweight cat

Many older cats suffer from joint pain. If they stop jumping up on the table or do not groom as much etc., that could be a sign of pain. Pain relief medication often helps, but there are other ways you can help these cats like introducing lower resting places, steps, lower litter trays etc. and if they are overweight then weight loss would help these cats as well.



 happy cat and dog

 We can advise you on all these aspects and together we can design a treatment regime for your pet, taking your wishes and the costs of treatments into consideration.

 Dogs and cats do not cry out if they are in chronic pain or discomfort. Lameness or just reluctance to exercise are often signs of pain, but other signs can be more subtle.

 We are there to help you if you think your pet might be in pain and our aim is to give effective pain relief wherever necessary, but to also address the causes where possible.

 Together we can help our cats and dogs to live actively for longer and to make sure we give them a high quality of life when they are healthy but also helping them when they have chronic diseases.