Summer is coming, Top tips to keep your pets cool and healthy

Pets need protection from heat, too much sun and parasites like ticks and fleas!

On very hot days, try not to take dogs out in the heat of the day for long periods.

Check the pavement with your hands, if it is too hot for your hands then it is too hot for a dog or cat to walk on!

Do not leave them in a car unattended and make sure they have plenty of water and can hide in the shade out of direct sunlight if they are kept outdoors.

Pets and holidays:

if your pet goes to a cattery or kennels, make sure their vaccinations are up to date (many kennels also require kennelcough vaccinations,which should be administered several weeks before their stay at a boarding kennel)

if you are planning to take your pets in the car and are concerned about anxiety or travelsickness, contact us and we can discuss the options available and help you select the most appropiate treatment for your pet's requirements.

If you are planning to travel with your pet to Europe, you will need a Petpassport. Patients will need to be identichipped and also have a vaccination against Rabies at least 3 weeks before they travel. You can contact us at the surgery and we can explain the requirements in more detail and give you a quote for the costs involved.

  • Protection against fleas and ticks is especially important in the warmer months and if you are traveling to the countryside or mainland europe.

    There are various treatments available, in tablet form as 'spotons' or as impregnated collars. For some areas in southern europe sandflie protection is also strongly recommended.

    We can advise you on the the available products and help you select the most suitable products ( e.g. a dog who loves swimming would be better to take oral tick and fleaprevention than a topical skin product).

    General rule is that prevention is better than treatment! Once parasites have become established, the environment needs to be treated as well as all animals in the household and treatments get more involved and costly.

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