'Alabama Rot' ; What we know and what we don't know!

There have been reports in the media about 'Alabama Rot' and many people are now very worried about this disease.

The disease causes skin lesions in the form of ulcers mainly on the feet, the face or the abdomen and is also associated with acute damage to the kidneys.

If you find ulcers or other skin lesions and your dog also seems lethargic, is not eating or is vomiting then it might be best for us to check him or her over.

Just ring us for an appointment.

Skin lesions often occur first before signs which are due to kidney function problems.

The more accurate name of the disease is ' cutaneous renal and glomerular vasculopathy', but is often referred to as 'AlabamaRot' because the clinical signs are similar to those reported in a 1980's case series in Greyhounds in Alabama.

So far there have been no confirmed cases in Telford (date of this article 23/05/18).

The disease is fortunately very rare and the main incidence of the confirmed cases in recent years has been between November and May.

Unfortunately social media exaggerates the prevalence of the disease and at the moment many unexplained deaths are attributed to 'Alabama Rot' without being actually confirmed with histopathology.

The cause of 'Alabama Rot' is still not known, although research into the possible cause continues.

As the cause is so far unknown it is impossible to give clear advice on prevention.

It is sometimes suggested to bath dogs' feet if they have been on wet or muddy walks, but it is not known if this is beneficial.

For more detailed information about 'Alabama Rot' you could follow this link to the website of Anderson Moores, a veterinary referral clinic near Winchester, who have been involved in some of the reported cases of CRGV/Alabama Rot.