This case report highlights Gracie's remarkable recovery from the injuries she sustained, when she was hit by a van in Hadley Park Road at the end of May.

When she was first assessed she was in shock and a lot of pain, so the first part of the treatment focused on giving adequate painrelief, intravenous fluids and oxygentherapy to stabilise her.


Once she was stabilised she was monitored closely for internal injuries and radiographs were taken. Miraculously she had escaped the accident without any serious internal injuries or fractured bones.




However, she was very bruised and had a large open fleshwound in the area of her right elbow and shoulder.




The wound was cleaned and debrided under general anaesthetic. A full closure of the wound was attempted but proved impossible to achieve due to the extent of the injuries.




Luckily Gracie was a fabulous patient, who tolerated daily cleaning of the wound and the application of topical wound gels very well. Her owners were very dedicated in her care and gradually the wound started to heal.






A second surgery was necessary a few weeks later to freshen up the wound and partly close it and again Gracie was a star patient still wagging her tail when approached to have the wound inspected or cleaned.








But the accident had affected Gracie’s confidence a lot and she was panicking when walking and getting close to vehicles.


Gracie’s owners patiently worked with her to try to rebuild confidence. She also had help from neighbours, who supported the walks with a doggy companion which helped build up Gracie’s confidence.







Several months and repeated housevisits to monitor progress followed before finally Gracie got the all clear.



The wound has finally closed fully and Gracie is enjoying her walks again.

It just shows that with dedication, good care and patience even severe tissue injuries can heal and full recovery is possible!



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