Volunteers Needed

for the Cinnamon Trust in Shropshire 


The Cinnamon Trust is a national charity for the elderly, the terminally ill and their pets

a woman with her pet dog

Having an animal companion is very important especially for elderly or terminally ill people, who often live alone.


As vets, we see day in day out how important pet ownership is; especially in later life.

The charity's aim is to enable people to keep their pet companion by providing help with tasks like dog walking, obtaining pet food, helping with visits and transport to vets etc.

They can also provide temporary and permanent foster homes if the owner has to have hospital treatment or is no longer able to look after their animal companion.


 Unfortunately there is a lack of volunteers in the Telford area.


Man with his pet dog

If you have some time to spare and would be interested in volunteering for the Cinammon Trust please follow the link for The Cinnamon Trust for more detailed information and to download an application form. 

For many elderly owners living on their own, their pets are their reason for living. You could make a real difference and help people in later life keep their animal companion for as long as possible and have peace of mind, that they are looked after if the need arises.

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