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I have been practising as a veterinary surgeon since 1985. My interests are in all aspects of veterinary medicine, but the heart and its diseases have always fascinated me especially.

It is such an important organ and never stops beating. I spent regularly time with one of the foremost veterinary heart expert in the UK. In 1995, after passing various written, practical and oral exams, I obtained the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon certificate in Veterinary Cardiology. After this I opened Gladstone Veterinary Clinic together with my wife Claudia and our then partner Geoffrey Ostle in 1996. I really enjoyed building up our clinic and developing a close bond with our clients, many of whom have been bringing their pets to us for more than ten years now. Our pets and we have all grown older and together we have been through good and bad.


Jörg on a walk with his dogsTo keep my knowledge up-to-date and to keep the little grey cells active, as Monsieur Poirot says, I embarked on further studies into medical conditions of dogs and cats. In 1999 I obtained the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon certificate in Small Animal Medicine. The expertise gained during these studies combined with my experience allows me to give the best possible care to our regular clients and even assist other veterinary surgeons in more complicated cases. About 20% of my workload consists of referrals by veterinary surgeons from the Midlands and other surrounding areas.

Outside work I like running with my flat-coated retriever Maja on the Ercall. Unfortunately our old age pensioner dog Nele is not fit enough to run any more, despite her medication. However, Claudia and I take her on our regular walks through the beautiful Shropshire Hills. Travelling, gardening, art, theatre, reading and listening to music are others of my passions. Since our two children have flown the nest there should be more time for this, but it is always amazing how spare time gets used up quickly.


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