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At Gladstone Veterinary Clinic we offer in addition to all the normal services of a general veterinary practice a dedicated referral service for more complex heart, lung and general medical conditions. 


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Jörg Niehoegen has obtained further qualifications through working  with specialists and obtaining certificates in cardiology and small animal medicine. He started seeing referral cases over ten years ago and has gained wide  experience in these fields. Jessica Keane joined him in 2004, she has a strong interest in small animal medicine and has gained experience in this field since she qualified over ten years ago.

Please note the following:
We are there to help if your animal suffers from a heart murmur, coughing, general breathing difficulties, weakness, collapse, chronic vomiting and/or diarrhoea, bladder problems, diabetes, and other medical conditions. A correct diagnosis is very important to get the most beneficial treatment for your pet. Our experience and  expertise combined with  our excellent equipment (including a powerful x-ray machine, advanced  ultrasound equipment that allows complex heart investigations, endoscopy to examine  the  airway from nose to lung, the stomach, and gut without the need for surgery) will  give  us the best chance to reach a diagnosis of your pet's problem. This allows us to plan the treatment, be it  medical or surgical, for your pet much more precisely and give you a much more accurate prognosis on the potential outcome. 

If you consider a referral to our clinic for more advanced diagnostic tests or treatment you should speak to your own vet about this first. She/he will organize the referral and pass the relevant information on to us. Should you have any more questions feel free to contact either Jörg Niehoegen or Jessica Keane on 01952 245145.


To download an information leaflet for referral clients please click here

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